Corinthian 416 AFM

"The Hidden Jewel of the 22nd Masonic District"

Regular Communication: second Tuesday of each month.

Meal at 6:30 Work at 7:30

Welcome to Corinthian!

corinthian Lodge

We are a Masonic Lodge in wonderful Newport, South Carolina. Located behind the Newport Fire Department. We are dedicated to improving the community through charity and philanthropy.

Please feel free to check out our Tressel board for our current and upcoming events.

Our newsletter will keep you up to date on lodge happenings and we update the website regularly.

General questions can be found in the About Masonry section.

The About Us section has more information specifically about Corinthian 416 and a list of the current lodge officers.

Our affiliate links page will take you to the other affiliated organizations for you to check at your leisure.

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