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1 Corinthians 4:16 “Wherefore I beseech you, be ye followers of me”.

June 2023 – Newsletter

From the East: Rodger Ellingwood

Across District 22 as I have visited the different Masonic Lodges, I have heard of the many things the Lodges do and have done to make positive contributions in the communities we live in. Some of the different things I’ve seen are scholarships, donations to feed and provide for the basic needs of those in need, donations of a portrait of George Washington to local schools. This is done with a genuine concern to help others and improve the communities we live in

There is a story about representatives of many nations who were gathered together. They were discussing the various ways of telling people about Christ. They turned to a girl from Africa and asked, “What do you do in your country?”. She said “We don’t have missionaries or give out pamphlets. We send one or two Christian families to live and work in a village. When people see what Christians are like, then they want to be Christians.”

I believe this same logic may apply to Masons in our communities. People should see what Masons are like.

W.B. Rodger Ellingwood

Other News and Happenings

SC Masons family and friends day 2023 at Carowinds !!!

Organized by Roebuck 357.

On August 12th, Carowinds is offering all South Carolina masons, their friends and family over 50% off a day in their parks.This will be a celebration fun day to bring together masons, friends and family together to have fun under the Carolina sun! Your ticket includes:

  • Admission to Carowinds
  • Admission to Carowinds water park
  • Free parking
  • $15 meal voucher
  • What is normally a $115 ticket, our rate is only $51 per ticket!

    This special day is not limited to just masons and their families, this is for friends and families of all of those that we know! Please feel free to share this with coworkers, VBS groups and all your friends! This day will be a great opportunity for the community to get to know masons so we can build relationships, bring families together, have fun and relax !

    The website and code below will get you to our special rate. Once you purchase your tickets, please find our event on Facebook to receive updates on our day! If you have any questions, please contact
    Michael Bragg at 864.497.5396 or email!

    Username: mason
    password: carolina


    Do you have your dues paid for 2023?? If not, you are getting late. Please remit $72.00 to our secretary at Corinthian Lodge, PO Box 36335, Rock Hill, SC 29732. We do not want anyone to go NPD.

    Don’t forget to stop by our website occasionally. Credit Brother Mark Hanslip for the original site. Brother Brandon Terry is now maintaining it. Thanks to both for all the fine work.