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1 Corinthians 4:16 “Wherefore I beseech you, be ye followers of me”.

May 2023 – Newsletter

From the East: Rodger Ellingwood

April 1973 (50 years ago), “ The Short Talk Bulletin” was titled, “AN INDISSOLUBLE CHAIN OF SINCERE AFFECTION” Conrad Hahn, PGM. (Available in THE SHORT TALK BULLETINS IV, (our Lodge has this volume).

The Short talk introduction paragraph “Masons troubled by some of the problems of their fraternity in the “Seething Seventies” might well review the principles which they are taught in the Symbolic Degrees. Instead of frantically seeking to make Freemasonry more relevant to current conditions, they would do well to inquire whether Freemasons are really relevant to the tenets of their profession. PGM Hahn questions whether Masons are discharging their responsibility toward Relief or are they satisfied to let charitable institutions do it. He says that “a lodge with imagination, sympathy, and a real desire to help, aid, and assist will never lack opportunities to exemplify the tenet of relief.” PGM Hahn in his article says, “Any lodge whose members can say, “We have no one needing help” is either exceedingly fortunate or the brethren are blind to the conditions in which Masons and their dependents live.” We will be having our 50-year rededicating for our Lodge on June 3rd. Our Lodge was Chartered on April 26, 1973. As we solemnly rededicate our Masonic Hall for Masonic purposes agreeably to ancient usage, let us not forget our tenet of Relief. To relieve the distressed, is a duty incumbent on all men, but particularly on Masons, who are linked together by an indissoluble chain of sincere affection. (Ahiman Rezon 2019, page 104) As we start our next 50-years let us consider what we can we do as individuals and a Lodge to awaken opportunities to exemplify the tenet of relief.

W.B. Rodger Ellingwood

From the West: Jack Reedy

May was a good month for the 22nd Masonic District. Most Worshipful Steven D. Hames was elected Grand Master of all masons in South Carolina, Michael Rowe from York 385 was appointed as our District 22 Deputy Grand Master, and our very own WB Charlie Smith from Corinthian 416 was appointed as the Grand Tiler. We will also be finishing out the month with an EA degree Thursday, May 25th (Eat 6:30, Work 7:30). Be sure to make plans to support this new brother as he takes his first step in Masonry. Please do not forget that Corinthian will be having it’s 50th Year Rededication Ceremony on Saturday 3, June. (Meal at 11:30, work to follow) The Grand Line will be present and will open lodge on the 1st degree. This event will be open to everyone.

Hope to see you there!


Jack Reedy SW

Other News and Happenings

The next M&W will be held at Gaffney 186 on Monday, 06/26. Eat at 6:30 and meet at 7.

The next Tri District M&W will be held at Great Falls 277 on Tuesday, 05/30. Eat at 6:30 and meet at 7.

You can view our entire Grand line here.

Do you have your dues paid for 2023?? It is that time again, please remit $72.00 to our secretary at Corinthian Lodge, PO Box 36335, Rock Hill, SC 29732. We do not want anyone to go NPD

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A Special Prayer Request

I have been blessed with 4 fantastic children, one beautiful daughter and three sons. They all expressed interest in serving in our military. I have encouraged them to consider the Air Force. So far I have raised two Marines. My third son is a high school senior and in the JROTC program of the Civil Air Patrol, an auxiliary of the Air Force. So I hold out faint hope. But last week I overheard him speak the word 'sniper' so the jury is still out.

A few weeks ago my number 2 called us from Twenty Nine Palms, CA where he was taking some desert training. He relayed to us a tragic story. Over the weekend the forces headed to an area for some live fire training. The Sergeant of my son's platoon ordered them to insert magazines but not to chamber a round. Arriving at the designated location, all platoons jumped from the 6x6s. Unfortunately, another platoon had been instructed to charge their weapons. One of these Marines had his weapon discharge while exiting the vehicle, shooting himself in the head and ending his life.

It was reported that LCpl Jackson J. Forringer, Chesnee, SC, was a dedicated son who called his mother at least three times a week. I am sure you all join me in mourning the loss of one of the best our country has to offer. Brothers, only a few feel the call, and are motivated enough to answer it, to place their lives in forfeit for the rest of us. We often offer up prayers of protection for these sons and daughters when the go in harm's way for the rest of us. And when we do this, we usually think of them in battle, or of our law enforcement in encounters with dangerous criminals, or our medical personnel confronting disease.

We need to be aware that this unique and special segment of our society is in harm's way every day. Especially the military. They are firing thousands of rounds of ammunition, lobbing grenades, launching shoulder fired missiles, jumping out of aircraft, being gassed, and practicing countless other hazardous tasks. When we consider this, we will be amazed that there are not more peacetime casualties. Our law enforcement is under constant attack and harassment. The medical caregivers are dealing with pandemics for which they can't get honest information on from the world health organizations.

I reach out to you with a special prayer request. I ask you to pray especially hard that the Lord watch over our sons and daughters, our brothers and sisters, our fathers and mothers. May He have his angels fly over them and protect them always. May He give them strength in their trials, comfort in their troubles, and faith at all times.

Many of you have stepped up to serve in one of these positions. You know of what I speak. God bless you for your service. May we all constantly remember those who give that we may enjoy the life and freedoms this great country has for those that love it.

RWB Tommy Sutton